Combining a Scientific & Culinary Art 

To Bring Your Food or Beverage Idea To Life.

Hi, I'm Steve - 

Founder of SMC

My passion for food and research started as a child, conducting kitchen experiments to yield green eggs.  As a teenager I worked in the Restaurant/Food Service Industry, learning the fundamentals of food preparation and customer interaction behaviors.  In 1999, I graduated with a degree in Food Science.  My passion for creative problem solving and love of manufacturing will help get your idea into the world!

Food & Beverage Development with 20+ Years of Professional Experience.

From Your Startup to Bottoms Up!



Your Idea

Every great product starts with an idea.  We will collaborate together and work with your idea or deconstruct an existing product.

Nutrition Analysis



Research & Development

Through R&D, we can replicate most industrial processes. We will formulate a recipe that will give the world a taste of your vision.




Quality Control

Comparing production samples to your product specifications is key to monitoring the quality and consistency of the process. 

Product Improvement

We'll cross every jot and tittle so your product has precise and accurate nutritional labeling.

Whether you're looking for Non-GMO, Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Halal, whatever it is, we can help.

Wanna go organic or refine the taste?  We have the pallets just for this.  After all, we food & beverage scientists.

From our clients:

Steve is our go-to troubleshooter. Clover has worked with Steve on an array of product lines, from ice cream to yogurt to milk. He is incredibly knowledgeable and also humble, which makes him a great partner on cross functional teams.

Adrienne Spohr, Clover Sonoma

Even if we haven't met, you've probably met my products

Let's take your idea and turn it into liquid gold.

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